About NHVMaps

About Nhv Maps.  
NHVMaps is a platform created as part of the NHV Network which allows viewers to assess our geographic region in a variety of ways, using customized Google Maps as a platform [KML]

Such maps allow you to understand the complexities of our region in a variety of contexts; whether studying the patterns of dirt bikes, examining the texture of the sidewalks with embedded videos, planning future projects or proposing interesting ideas.

Maps also allow us to examine functions of the city in ways that stagnant pages such as PDF's simply cannot. For example, parade routes and snow emergencies are two separate functions which both rely heavily on geographic data. Thankfully, it's all been translated from official City Hall documents for your internet browser. There's even a map which literally anybody can make notes or modifications onto, called the Public Map.

It's also encouraged to study training how to insert 3d objects into maps with Google Earth with helpful training videos and resources so that we can learn more about our area. Visit the tutorial section to learn more about how to make that possible.


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